What is Phone Japan?

Phone Japan is a digital art internet web site showing a woman vomiting onto the face of another woman. The clip is accompanied by a song with lyrics about 'turning Japanese'. The art work has been developed to encourage the viewer to think about their surroundings from different perspectives and to examine their own perceptions of reality. For a more detailed examination of the genre, also see Vomit Girl and Tub Girl - this similarities will be obvious to all.

Who are the girls in the video?

The ladies acting in this art piece are the Japanese adult video stars Mayura Hoshitsuki and Akane Mochida. The color of the vomit in the video indicates that they have been eating noodles prior to the shooting of the video - as is the preferred preparatory food of these professionals. Neither was nominated for an academy award for their performances however they did win Japanese adult industry awards. Please do not try this at home, the artists in the video are experts with training and are performing in a controlled environment.

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